The Mediterranean Lawn Company

Here at the Mediterranean Lawn Company we provide a simple down to earth solution for creating or repairing a green lawned area anywhere in the Mediterranean. So whether its Real Grass, seed, turf or plugs we can help you by removing all of the complication.

The process is simplicity itself. Mediterranean lawns have a product for every lawn problem and you don't have to be a gardener or have any gardening knowledge, after you have asked the lawn question, purchased the products we recommend and followed the instructions, you will have a new lawn or repaired lawn in super fast time.

And better still if you need more help with another problem then contact us again.

So lets get started on your lawn (see the steps below)...

1) Ask your question or tell us your problem. (Use the contact us form)
2) We get back to you with the solution to your problem within the hour.
3) You purchase the products we recommend.
4) Follow the instructions relating to the product.
5) See the results in literally a few weeks.


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